Frequently Asked Questions

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Composite-Trade hosts a “community” of companies that trade, buy or sell advanced composite materials and related components/materials to each other.

Advantages for members:

  • Easy search for materials, saves time

  • Materials are readily available

  • Small quantities, ideal for repairs

  • In general lower price compared to regular sales

  • Selling materials on reduces inventory costs and generates return

  • Selling materials in time ensures that less materials in your stock will get overdue

  • Use of over-due materials for education/training purposes

  • Environmental friendly: less waste of over-due materials

To gain the benefits of Composite-Trade, companies, educational education centers and suppliers will join the Portal. Membership can be applied for by companies and education centers via the website and is free of charge. The benefits of using for affiliated companies and education centers:

  • Availability of composite materials in small quantities at relatively low cost (cost reduction);

  • Ability to find and purchase hard materials that are hard to get;

  • Possibility to easily sell (excess) supply of composite materials easily;

  • Time saving in search of materials (no need to contact other companies directly);

  • Ability to release materials over the expiration date without waste costs;

  • Contribution to a better environment (reducing waste).

Composite-Trade is FREE and only available for Business to Business, as Composite-Trade we check every new member application to make sure that every user add quality to the platform.

if you see a product that you want to purchase, you can contact the product owner and make all arangements for the purchase. Composite-Trade is only the facilitator and will not guide you with the purchase of the product.

Yes we encourage to sell your stock products so that other comapnies can benefit from it.

Even overdue materials can be sold as we have training facilites as member, they have interest in overdue products.